Sr. No. Deposit Period Rate of Interest
Effective From 10-07-2020 Rate
7 Days to 14 Days 3.00 P.A
15 Days to 45 Days 3.50 P.A
46 Days to 90 Days 4.25 P.A
91 Days to 179 Days 4.75 P.A
180 Days But Less Than 1 Year 5.50 P.A
1 Year But Less Than 2 Year 6.30 P.A
2 Year But Less Than 3 Year 6.30 P.A
3 Year But Less Than 5 Year 6.50 P.A
5 Year & Above 6.50 P.A


a. All rates are subject to revision from time to time.
b. The rate of interest on a term deposit of Senior Citizen will be 1% P.a higher than the above-said rates.
c. 1% additional rate of interest on a deposit of staff member/their association is allowed to be continued subject to the submission of undertaking/declaration.
d. The revised rate of interest on term deposit will be applicable only on fresh deposit and on renewal of existing deposit on maturity on/or after 14.09.2020
e. There will be charge penal interest @1%p.a on premature withdrawal on term deposit.

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